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Serena Williams. Photo: Reuters

American Serena Williams has announced that is in the 20th week of pregnancy.

Serena appeared in one of the social networks on the photo (however, soon it was removed) in a yellow swimsuit tight is a decent size belly, and signed “20 weeks”. It is, in fact, the middle of pregnancy, and to learn about her American girl had clearly not recently.

But once it became clear the reason for mass failures Williams Jr. from participation in major tournaments and the lack of her name in the applications for the next competition. Another surprise: his magnificent victory in the Australian Open 35-year-old tennis player, apparently, won, being in an interesting position.

At the end of last year, the leader of the world women’s tennis announced the engagement to an American of Armenian descent by Alexis Ohanian, one of the founders of the social network Reddit. During the Australian Open it was obvious that Serena is playing better than ever in recent times calm and relaxed, without unnecessary nerves, and she did not hide that after receiving the proposal of marriage to her life’s horizons have expanded, and therefore to play tennis has never been easier.

After the triumph in Melbourne, the younger of the Williams sisters more on the court did not come out, citing a knee injury. But updated your instagram photos with wedding veil, and a couple of days ago in the network appeared the picture of the happy groom smiling keeps the player on their hands. Off mood Serena Williams felt on that Tour.

Question: what happens next? If you believe deadline, the firstborn American superstars should be born in mid-September. When will the US Open. Therefore, in the current season Williams, Jr., 99% will not play. And to think far ahead, presumably, not wish she was.

In October, Serena turns 36. Lately, she has increasingly appeared injuries, after which I had a long time to recover, and younger rivals became a little easier to beat her. It would seem that now is a great time to leave and not return. Go champion and the world’s first (on Monday she will once again slip Angelik Kerber with the top lines of a world rating). Call a press conference to announce the decision, and after the birth of a baby is significant to play a farewell match.

But we are talking about a completely extraordinary personality! And that POPs in her head, impossible to imagine. The birth of a child can be a point in the career of the winner of 23 tournaments of “Grand slam”. But it cannot be excluded that it will be followed by a beautiful epilogue, in which Serena, for example, show up at the US Open in 2018, to pay my respects to the American public personally lose (again) a dramatic duel in the solo, but will take the title in a pair with her older sister. At least in order to bring the total number of wins in majors to number 40.

Or after the dot to be continued, a new part with full back, a couple-three tournament titles rewritten the record books and the arc wires. In the end, Margaret Court came back twice after having children and after the birth of our first son won three “Grand slams”. And this Australian is the only one with a record of 24 single titles on the majors Serena have not yet obeyed.

In any case, this, if happens, very soon. About Serena Williams we’ll hear, no doubt. However, even if it is a return to the court will not take place, an American should be remembered as one of the greatest figures in the history of tennis. In this no one should be in any doubt. Meanwhile, women’s tennis has to adapt to life without a leader.

Maria NIKULUSHKINA, Sport-Express

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