Academics intergirl angered Putin

Academics angered Vladimir Putin his blatant corruption and rusofobiya wounds, profited and privatize public funds for science, you want to sell abroad all not expensive, they told Putin. And the President of Russia wants them to work for the good of Russia!…


Shadow Beria. Academics intergirl angered the President

The Author – Andrey Arkhipov

Academics, profited and privatize public funds for science, want to sell all, and not expensive, they told Putin. And the President of Russia wants them in the organization of science “as a pump up here”!

The President held in Novosibirsk, the meeting of the Council for science and education. And it is academics, as intergirl in hotels in the early 90s, I twittered to the world of traveling and working abroad in a very sensitive area. And masked these desires to be demanded behind a cordon, the term “international”.

If you examine the transcript and video of the Council, emphasis on the term “international” in the first two persons of the wounds Kovalchuk’s M. V. and A. M. Sergeev’s ring out 21 times! Putin became very angry eyes, that showed the broadcast . At this time Director of the Kurchatov institutes M. Kovalchuk wink citizen, academician Olenka Dontsova because she relied on the development of its institutions and praised him in front of Putin.

“In Paris, somewhere in Japan do, it’s all good, but we need to do here!”- angrily admonished Putin, at a meeting of scientists at the Institute of nuclear physics named after G. I. Budker in Akademgorodok, a couple of hours before Council.

Very disappointing the new head of the RAS A. Sergeev listeners of the Council. It nineteen times in his meager thoughts speech asserted the coveted “international”! Putin sat stone-faced and without blinking looked at the President’s new academic community. But the President in his opening remarks urged the now corrupt science and education in the country that got together to work and think in Russian!

Putin: “It is obvious that now the leader will be the one who will have their own technologies, knowledge, competencies. They become a major resource for development, ensuring the sovereignty of the country without exaggeration.

In science, as in other areas, we must achieve a breakthrough. We must once and for all to refuse to support the inefficiencies of outdated, obsolete approaches to the organization of scientific activities. And, of course, the country is waiting for new solutions that can change the quality of people’s lives, to give a strong impetus to the development of Russia. Such targets were set in the Strategy of scientific and technological development. And it needs to be focused projects of research institutes, programs, R & d departments, ministries and agencies.”

But the drummers of science have not heard of the President

Mikhail Kovalchuk“And I want to emphasize that Russian and Soviet scientists made a great contribution to the infrastructure development of world science. Suffice it to say that the largest international ITER project, which in 2006 You started signing with Chirac in Paris the agreement, Mr President, is based on the ideas of Soviet physicists. There is created the tokamak, a Soviet word, toroidal chamber with magnetic coils”.

MSU rector Viktor Sadovnichy (left) and President of the Kurchatov Institute, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Mikhail Kovalchuk before the meeting of the Council for science and education.

M. Kovalchuk boasts publicly to the scientific community and the President that deftly sells Soviet legacy, reminding Putin that he got him into this completely useless project. But so nice to fly to Provence, simulating scientific international brotherhood! And that Russian got from the “infrastructure development of world science”, where they “made a great contribution”? Why the scientist Kovalchuk can’t give figures?

Quote from the speech of M. Kovalchuk. “Today tokmakovsky heritage of I. V. Kurchatov and the AEC, i.e. the Russian people, the caretaker manages the AEC (now the Kurchatov center, KC), preadoptive and the God-man, Kovalchuk what he calls himself.

Preadoptive at its discretion reports of key developments in tokamak overseas, not asking the question about the cost of them there and, even without knowing how much he sells them to the West. This “son of God” equates with domestic chemodynamical love of symposia (in Greek “Symposium” is “booze after meeting friends») in the West.

Now Kovalchuk-preadoptive carries the technology of the Tokamak in Provence, which raises the same tokamak, but under a different name – ITER (thermonuclear experimental Research reactor). No one knows what benefits, including, in monetary terms, the Russian society from a “physics” Kovalchuk and generally from ITER?

As long as there is only selfish benefits of the project for preadoptive and his entourage: when the physical start-up “fusion” in Provence is to be expected of the Nobel prizes in physics, including in view of the large participation in the United States money and “their” clever businessmen from science. In any case, our homegrown “the God-man” the loser does not remain.” This is a quote from a series of articles in our publication.

A. Sergeev President of the RAS referring to Putin: you Know, I think that we and on the existing experimental facilities, interesting, unique, could the same thing done, just that if we are to build up the structure of this project so that it can participate effectively foreign scientists.

It seems to me that in our country it is necessary to adopt a law on the establishment of international scientific organizations. After all foreign countries have used to work this way. If they are willing to contribute some funds, they need a clear definition of what they will receive in the management of this project that they will have the right to shape the program, will have certain watches for their scientists to work on these installations.

We now, unfortunately, only one organization – the Institute for nuclear research in Dubna, working as an international scientific organization under the umbrella of the Russian legislation. If we had the opportunity to organize under Russian law, such an international scientific organization, I think we’d get an influx of interest and capital inflows here, and with it would be followed by scientists. I think this is important.” Selected by the editors.

Academician Sergeev quite close to Alzheimer’s? Or unwilling to understand that the Russians want to use for free as advised by the corresponding member. RAS Mikhail Kovalchuk, who sells Soviet past science without benefit to the country. Someone from the scientists can give an example of what our scientists anything worthwhile gained abroad? For example, for defense. Or is it only a personal career and a pleasant trip?

At the meeting of the Council for science and education

A huge amount of public funds squandered on imaginary successes of science in the study the fictional effect of the merger “black holes” that exist in nature, and obtaining from the merger of “gravitational waves”. It mimics science has documented the effect of merging black holes occurred in their fable the incident, for 1.3 billion light years! The newspaper “the President” has published a scientific story, exposing Kolobrzeg-a group of international swindlers from science, which involved scientists from MSU and other scientific centers of Russia. The results of this international fraud is impossible neither to repeat nor deny!

In Novosibirsk, the previous President of the RAS Vladimir Fort begged Putin means travel and residence abroad. Nothing to leave to the scientists for experiments. I install American counterparts. And complained about the bureaucracy in the design of tools and scientific ideas. Academician Fortov the former President of the Academy of Sciences: “more and more need to write papers, reports, and various other bureaucratic documents that, in General, there is little to help the cause and actually hinder our movement in this direction.

In the West is done differently. Before me now the leaf scale A4. This is the form that needs to record the person who nominates a colleague for a Nobel prize. Every year is sent to dozens of scientists-physicists, at least I can say. And in order to nominate a person for such a prestigious award, you must complete is actually half a page. This can be done by hand. I have gone to filling in this form for 15 minutes. This is enough to make the decision that the person has the correct level.

We also at the time there was such a thing, when the bureaucracy of the matter was maximally spaced. Here in front of me, too, on half a page of A4 scheme, hand-written by Andrei Sakharov to the creation of the hydrogen bomb. I want the two papers to pass on to You, Vladimir Vladimirovich, to have an idea of what we have today is a complex system. She’s clumsy, she’s not competitive, of course.”

The FORTS holds two sheets to the President. The camera shows a closeup of a piece of academician Sakharov. The rectangle is drawn in the center of the circle, and the sides of two squares. According to Fortov, a diagram of the device of the nuclear charge, which is then brought to life by Russian engineers. But academician Fortov said nothing about what the international centre of science which was started by the Russian Academy of Sciences in recent years, creating a foreign representation of the RAS in nice on the French Riviera. How to ride and for what science, and what tools scientists? It still remains a mystery. About this newspaper “the President” wrote the publication. “Infected wounds Israelism was preparing a shadow government?»

And the rector of Moscow state University Sadovnichy assured the President that catch up after a trip to Lebanon a cloud of Arab students. Arabs engines are known for breakthrough technologies and light brains? But if it helps the problem discussion at the Council and care of the President “On global competitiveness of Russian science”? Sadovnichy again not talking about science and its achievements, of which there are few in his huge “temple of science”, and pressing for him zagranpoezdok?

Rector of Moscow state University Sadovnichy: “A few days, Mr Putin, we going to Lebanon, Beirut for holding the forum of rectors of the League of Arab countries and rectors of Russia. On this trip, a few days will be attended by about 40 Russian rectors and rectors of 60 Arab countries. I will list those countries which will participate in this conference of the Arab League 18 th is Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, the Emirates, Egypt, Algeria, Somalia, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, Palestine and others. Given that they asked about the organization of this meeting and considering that all the rectors of the leading universities of the Arab countries – scientists, famous people in your society think this will be a very major event just a few days. Olga will take part in this forum, there will be the opening of the school”.

And they boasted to the President that accelerated transfers in the branch of MSU in Beijing knowledge to the Chinese. But Putin knows that the team scientist Sadovnichy was stolen from the University of 122 hectares of land in Moscow assigned to the Moscow state University, and sold to the developer Luzhkov-Baturina, who is now in the list of enemies of the United States. How many tens of billions of dollars stolen by these people? The answer may come from the United States.

Sat on the Board consciously those who destroy the aircraft academician – aircraft M. Poghosyan he strongly turns aerospace University MAI in Armenian shop? This was the Newspapers

In the face of Putin, on his remarks and concluding sentences it was obvious that he very disappointed the level of performances on the Board «elderly robbers“who emphasized the thesis: foreigners will help us. And obviously, not ready to condone foreign aspirations snickering leaders of science.

The meeting of the Council for science and education

Quotes about dissatisfaction with the President’s proposals academics intergirl:

“Vladimir gave an example of how easy it had previously been at some main areas, but we cannot return to the old system because under the old system, when Sakharov was writing this paper — what is written? “Top secret“.

And after all this was a well-known nuclear physicist and organizer of this work Lavrentiy Beria. Try not to do it! Therefore, the former method here we do not to migrate. And the fact that these citizens of God writing on a single piece of paper – Yes, they do, Andrey of the rights. But when you go for the money, I assure you, I know that there are so many documents is not limited, you know? There is all too strictly.”

“… We have today, the agenda sounds «On global competitiveness of Russian science“. It’s absolutely not about to achieve any medals. No! We just conditions should be created for country development and without the development of science there can be no development of the country. Conditions should be created! That’s about it today, we told you so.”

“… When we talk about international cooperation, it is extremely important because it makes our science part of the scientific world. But this is not an end in itself. We are in any case impossible in this area, as in others, to create the conditions under which this cooperation will lead to a further outflow. Conversely, to do so, this cooperation worked like a pump here“.

Maybe the President realized that these persons are unable to create a system of domestic science “AS a PUMP HERE”? And not for nothing is he called Lavrenty Beria, a nuclear physicist and organizer? Whether planting among thieves, plunderers and imitators of science? Put governors, Ministers, senators, generals. But just a few of rectors.

Maybe get serious about the science, basic science? Or, as advised by experts, especially medical, there is a saying among academics and their range of hundreds of billions of dollars of stolen funds. And inter-academics still dream of the Provence, the Lebanon, or Beijing?

Mr Putin made a joke on the Board about the organizer of the atomic project Lavrenty Beria, who very effectively move science, but this formidable figure reason surfaced from the depths of consciousness Putin?




The President held in Novosibirsk, the meeting of the Council for science and education



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