Abe: a dialogue with Putin on the peace Treaty was Frank

photo: kremlin.ru

At a press conference following the talks, Vladimir Putin and Shinzo Abe admitted that the negotiations on the conclusion of a peace Treaty between Russia and Japan as a whole moved forward.

“We discussed today the question of a peace Treaty, holding nothing back from each other… the Problem remains unresolved for over 70 years,… we must solve it vigorously work together to establish greater trust between the citizens of Japan and Russia and find a mutually acceptable solution,” said Abe, whose words the press service quoted Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The press Secretary of Japanese foreign Ministry, Takeshi Osuga, commenting on the concluded talks in Moscow between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the head of the Japanese Cabinet Shinzo Abe also confirmed that the sides talked very frankly about the prospects of signing a peace Treaty.

“Following the talks, the Prime Minister said that during the meeting tete-a-tete with President Putin had a very open exchange of views on the subject of the peace Treaty,” he said.

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