A wave of panic has covered Hawaii after a false alarm of a missile strike

Photo: AmericaRU.com

Hawaii started a mass panic after a false alarm occurred because of the missile attack on the Islands. Governor of Hawaii David IgE (David Ige) asked the residents of 13 January from the Center for emergency management in Hawaii is to calm people down.

“Anxiety about the impact of ballistic missiles in the island, which caused full-scale panic was a mistake,” said Yoke. The warning was sent to cell phones, and the Hawaiians have begun to leave the island, appalled by the danger of an emergency. This message was a mistake planning service Center about a possible North Korean nuclear attack.

The second mobile alert after 40 minutes the previous denied that any missile attack was not, however, the panic that gripped the island became popular. People abandoned cars on the road, gathered my things and tried to hide in houses.

The responsibility for the error claimed by the Central administrator Vern Miyagi.

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