A unique team of Ukrainian blind bandura players for the fourth month without salaries

Chapel “Karpaty” formally refers to public organizations of disabled persons.
Receive a salary from the aid, which the Ukrainian society of the blind has the Ministry of social policy. Recent years, the money came with a delay of several months.
And this year the situation is critical. It is because of taxes that you cannot pay for, the team was also the offender. So the chapel can impose a fine.
And even in this situation the choir gives concerts. Mostly, however, charity. Although in previous years has toured not only in Ukraine but also abroad.
They verbally said that would be the same funding as last year: that is, 750 thousand. But the minimum wage was raised twice. That is at least two times it is necessary to raise funding. And also: taxes, utility costs, artist of the choir Andrey Stanko.
The trouble is that the salary of the musicians in the Ministry is as an aid. And this is in contrast to the wage – unprotected article. Therefore, it is financed by a residual principle. Professional and only in the world this team believes Ministerial officials to disperse them fail.


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