A terrorist attack or a gas explosion: rossm unveiled their version of events in Magnitogorsk

In Magnitogorsk completed the search operation to retrieve bodies of those killed in the collapse of a residential building on the Avenue of Karl Marx. The city is heartbroken and alarmed by the silence of the security forces.

Previously on 24 channel wrote that from-under blockages in Magnitogorsk pulled 39 of the victims and the rescue operation has stopped. The official version of what happened – a powerful gas explosion in the house. However, the Russian investigators do not hurry to report about the final conclusions.

Meanwhile, the series of events that miraculously coincided within a few days in Magnitogorsk, local residents, as well as some rossm linked. So, in addition to the explosion in a residential building of Magnitogorsk on January 1 at the city’s bus caught fire near her allegedly heard the shots. Rossm suggest that the explosion in the house was a terrorist attack, and in a shooting near a minibus killed three terrorists.

Edition Sign unveiled his version of events, relying on its own sources in the power sector of the Russian Federation.

This is unconfirmed information coming from one source, therefore the degree of confidence may be appropriate. Although we are confident in our sources, we are proposing the treat described as one of the possible scenarios
– note in the publication.

Version of Russian journalists begins with the entry of the unknown men in one of the apartments exploded in Magnitogorsk at home.

The explosion of the house № 164

30 Dec lonely man (presumably the native of Asia) rents an apartment on the third floor of the house № 7 in the house on Karl Marx, 164. At 6:08 am on December 31 in the house thundering explosion, which hits the entrance , where they rented an apartment man.

In place begin to work, the security forces, checking all possible versions, although once it was announced that exploded household gas.

To an explosion of such force, enough to forget to turn off the burner and lighting a match. Must be a huge concentration. This can be achieved practically only intentionally. Or is it not gas
the source said that many years working in the gas service one of the cities of Chelyabinsk region.

Vladimir Putin arrives on the scene

On the evening of 31 December in Magnitogorsk arrives Russian President Vladimir Putin. You receive a statement of departure to the city of the head of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin, but in fact he will fly to the place of incident only a day later.

Putin flies, held in Magnitogorsk for a few hours. At this time, information that the incident could be a terrorist attack, no.

The explosives in the shopping center

Meanwhile, Russian security forces are watching the footage, located near the destroyed house, and notice the man who goes morning of December 31, no belongings from the house shortly before the explosion. The man is suspicious. Operational activities carried out and establish that he can be involved in extremist activities.

Then urgently all over the city begin to scan objects with mass stay of people.

In the shopping center “Continent” on the cameras you can see that January 1, the day a man, like a man without a certain residence, walks and inspects the urn near the shopping center. One of them suddenly holds out his hand, retrieved something and leaves. Man find and detain. The device, which he took, was a cell phone with wires attached to it and the subject similar to an improvised explosive device.

“Bum decided to steal the phone and somehow managed to break the wire so that actually defused the explosives. As a result, it has not worked,” says the source website.

Immediately found the phone, which was supposed to trigger a bomb in the ballot box, began the work of intelligence agencies. And contacts of persons who may be involved in the emergence of explosives in the Mall. Began operation.

The special operation and the explosion of “Gazelle”

As a result, the security forces near the shopping center “Continent” go private “Gazelle”. In it were several men. During the arrest, they began to shoot, as a result, three were killed, and the “Gazelle” exploded. Previously, criminals have also been explosive with striking elements: sleeves. According to unconfirmed information, it exploded.

The fourth suspect managed to escape. There is evidence that on the night of 2 January, the city had launched a large-scale operation to arrest him. So maybe the people watched the riot police and dog handlers in the houses on Lenin street, 91 91/1.

The source informs that the fourth suspect was killed during the arrest in a rented apartment is only day 2 of January. The results of the inspection of his apartment is not known.

A lot of questions

While there are many uncertainties and questions to law enforcement agencies. Answer no.

What kind of people were in the “Gazelle”: their age, occupation. At least – if it’s ordinary citizens – do you need help their families? Again: where and when was neutralized fourth member of the group? Why, on the night of January 2 blocked half of the city and terrified the residents of the houses on Lenin street? What happened to the house on the Avenue of Karl Marx: blew up a gas or powered by an explosive device? If all versions are nothing more than someone’s sick imagination and desire to think of small details for the sake of stuffing in the media – where is the refutation and argument
– asked the journalists.

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