A revolution is tearing Venezuela: why Guido still not arrested

photo: AP

Immediately after the coup, Maduro severed diplomatic relations with the United States and ordered the Venezuelan diplomatic personnel to return home. However prigrevica in America diplomats to follow instructions is not in a hurry, although a public statement was made by only one of them. Military attaché of the Embassy of Venezuela in the United States, Jose Luis Silva has released a video in which it expresses its commitment to the new President, Juan Guido and encourages to follow his example army colleagues.

“My message to all members of the armed forces, everyone who is armed, said Silva. — Do not attack people. We are also part of the people we’ve supported a government that has betrayed the basic principles and sold to other countries.” He also added that most of the diplomatic personnel, agrees with him, but I’m afraid to say this openly out of fear that their relatives in Venezuela reprisals.

The Venezuelan government has called Silva a coward and a traitor, and rejected the ultimatum of Germany, France and Spain with a demand for eight days to call new elections. If this does not happen, the European countries threatened to officially recognize Juan, Guido President. “No one can set deadlines or tell us, will there be elections in our country”, — was indignant the official representative of Venezuela to the UN Jorge arreaza.

“For the military attaché Jose Luis Silva can follow others, especially in countries that recognized the illegitimate government of Maduro — says “MK” Professor, Department of theory and history of international relations, faculty of international relations St. Petersburg state University Victor KHEYFETS. — He was the first, because they were in a situation where he didn’t have time to choose, because Nicolas Maduro has withdrawn diplomats from the United States. In this situation, he needed to either go to Venezuela, or to make his statement. As for the military inside Venezuela, they are still waiting, but some of them may go to the opposition or to overthrow Maduro, to hand over power to someone else from the ruling party and to preserve the regime. We must not forget that the ruling party and the regime as a whole are not consolidated: there are those who were not very happy with the choice of Maduro as presidential candidate”.

Certainly, many people ask the question: why the self-proclaimed President has not been arrested? In the first days after his speech, the 35-year-old head of the National Assembly of Guido hiding, but on Friday as if nothing had happened appeared at the rally in Caracas. In it, he again urged the government to appoint extraordinary elections, and the army — to go to his side, promising her a full Amnesty. Then he and his team sat on the motorcycle and raced through the streets of the Venezuelan capital.

Says the Associated Press, impunity, Guido — evidence that ordinary police and lower military officials hidden support him, though yet afraid to disobey orders. However, orders hard to break up the demonstration, apparently, is not received: the generals too cautious. There is a so-called “plan Zamora” — a set of actions in the event of mass anti-government protests giving the army extraordinary powers to suppress demonstrations. For unknown reasons, he was not involved.

But the Agency doubts that the Supreme military command of the country can easily turn into defectors. Former President Hugo Chavez and present Maduro tried to the socialist party, economic and military elite merged into an indivisible whole. Generals are too closely connected with the regime to survive his shift without consequences. But the smaller officials in the power structures together with the rest of the people drank last economic crisis in full. “I would be pissed if I was ordered to arrest innocent people,” he told the Associated Press the 19-year-old soldier of the National guard of Venezuela.

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