A resident of Arizona, waking up speaking with clear British accent

Photo: AmericaRU.com

The woman from Arizona had shared with the media that she once went to bed with severe headaches, and when he awoke, he discovered that talking with a foreign accent. And this despite the fact that she never left the United States.

At different times of the Australian and Irish accents unexplained flowed out of her mouth for two weeks and then disappeared, says Michelle Myers (Michelle Myers).
But the British accent was delayed for two years, said 45-year-old woman from Arizona. And someone who comes to mind when Michelle speaks with an accent.

“Everyone thinks that they can hear Mary Poppins, says Myers.

Myers says she was diagnosed with the syndrome of foreign accent. The disorder usually occurs after damage to parts of the brain responsible for language function.

In some cases, the disease disrupts the rhythm of the language of patients with this syndrome can cut these pieces as “the”, and to discard the letters, turning the American “yeah” Scandinavian “yah”, for example.

Sheila, Blumstein (Sheila Blumstein) , a linguist from brown University who has written extensively on the syndrome, told me that patients usually reproduce grammatically correct language, unlike many victims of stroke or brain injury. 2010, a woman from Virginia who fell from the staircase, got a concussion, and when he woke up, became the owner of a brilliant Russian accent.

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