A new journalist has worked in the New York Times just a few hours

Photo: AmericaRU.com

The New York Times hired the author on “Effects of technology” and fired her after a few hours for her tweets.

After a couple of hours after New York Times announced that it had hired the lead author of the views to include “power, culture and the impact of technology”, the newspaper reported the hiring of another candidate, because the previous one is dismissed because of controversial tweets.

Quinn Norton (Quinn Norton), who has previously worked with Wired and the Atlantic, was hired by the newspaper to “help readers understand deep uncertainty about the role of technology in our lives,” reads the statement of the Times. After Norton tweeted the story of his cooperation with the newspaper in which she called her job “strange”, and representatives of the Times, even after this I continued to chat with her about the recruitment.

After Twitter launched a campaign in which people are forced Norton to admit that “she’s friends with neo-Nazis”. Also, the author used vulgar terms. The newspaper fired her almost immediately after signing the contract on the work.

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