A Japanese company paid a record price for a painting of sunflowers

Painting of Vincent van Gogh’s “Vase with 15 sunflowers”. Photo: yantar.in.WA

Painting of Vincent van Gogh’s “Vase with 15 sunflowers” March 30, 1987and sold for $40.3 million of the Japanese company “Yasuda” insurance in Japan. The painting became the most valuable at that time a work of art, but after a few days of purchase authenticity questioned.

“Sunflowers” – the famous still lifes of sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh, written from 1887 to 1889. To create each of the paintings of the cycle “Sunflowers” by van Gogh went on for several days and even weeks. Painted flowers 11 pictures.

Vincent van Gogh created several different versions of the famous still life. One of them, where the bright clay vase stand five flowers were lost during the Second world war. After that, enough critics have long believed that only four survived similar works, and only two of them – original. The first painting depicts fourteen sunflowers, and on the other fifteen. There are also two more reproductions. Their location is well known – but painting sold in Japan, it was not noted in any of the directories.

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Vincent van Gogh was born 1853 in Zundert (Netherlands) to the family of the pastor.1880 started painting in Antwerp and began attending classes at the Art Academy and a private school of drawing. The most famous works of this period is “the potato Eaters”, “weaver”, “still life with pipe and hat.”

During his life van Gogh exhibited only a few works in Paris and Brussels. Fame came to him only after the Paris exhibition of 1901, when he was recognized as a master impressionist. In subsequent decades, the glory of van Gogh has consistently grown and today his paintings have become worldwide masterpieces.

March 17, 1901 in Paris opened an exhibition of the 71st Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. Kreselnye the picture based on contrasts in color, staccato rhythm became a sensation in the art world


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