A hat-trick of the Blind man brought Russia bronze MFM-2019

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World championship (U-20). The match for 3rd place:

Russia – Switzerland 5:2 (2:0, 1:2, 2:0)

1:0 – Blind Man (IV. Morozov, Il. Morozov) – 04:25,

2:0 – Checkers (Podkolzin) – 13:44,

2:1 – Nussbaumer (Le Adaption, Sigrist) – 24:54,

3:1 – Costin (Denisenko, Novels) – 32:53,

3:2 – Bruchweiler (Sigrist, Gross) – 35:36,

4:2 – Blind 46:33,

5:2 – the Blind man (Galimov, Kochetkov – man.) – 57:59 (PV),

Goalkeepers: Kochetkov – Hollenstein.

In Canada, the match for bronze medals of the youth world Cup in 2019, in which team Russia beat Switzerland.

The Swiss failed starting period, starting to create chances only after the score became 0:2. “Return” to game the sensational team of the tournament managed only the second 20-minute period when twice reduced the gap to the minimum.

In the final period the Russians gave the initiative to the opponent, who perepisali “red car” 17:3, but it is the team of Valery Bragin was able to realize two out of three points (the last puck flew into the already empty gate). Hat-trick scored Kirill Blind.

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