A hat-trick Eriksen – Denmark for the 2018 world Cup! (VIDEO)

Christian Eriksen. Photo: Reuters

The winner of the last European spots in the final tournament of the 2018 world Cup was the team of Denmark, won a simultaneously strong-willed and a crushing victory over Ireland.

IRELAND – DENMARK – 1:5 (1:2)

Goals: Duffy, 6 (1:0). Christensen 29 (1:1). Eriksen, 32 (1:2). Eriksen, 63 (1:3). Eriksen, 74 (1:4). Bendtner, 90 – from a penalty (1:5).

Ireland: Randolph, Christie, Duffy, Clark (W. Long, 71), Ward, Hendrick, Meyler (Hoolahan, 46), Arter (McGeady 46), Brady, Macklin, Murphy.

Denmark: Smigel, Christensen, Kjær, Bjelland, Stryger Larsen (Ankersen, 54), Kvist, Delaney, Eriksen, Poulsen (Cornelius, 70), Jørgensen (Bendtner, 84), Sisto.

Referee: MARCINIAK (Poland).

14 Nov. Dublin. The Aviva Stadium.

The first match – 0:0.

It seemed, ended in a goalless draw, the first meeting in Copenhagen did not anticipate forcing events in the return leg. Moreover, the risk of error was even higher in the first place is related of the Irish, which one missed the ball significantly complicates the task. In the end, Martin O’neill has made in the Sabbath embodiment, the composition is only one planned change is 22-year-old O Dowdy releasing after the disqualification of the captain, to play under the command of Leonid Slutsky for the “hull” of the mailer.

By and large, Irish people do not have to change anything, whereas age Hareide made two changes and made a number of tactical adjustments that have worked best and provided the Danish triumph. So, on the right flank of defense of Ankersen was replaced by 21-year-old Chelsea defender Christensen and offensive line made more mobile than Poulsen, whom chose the talus Cornelius. “We had enough chances in Copenhagen, and they will be here,” assured Hareide, who left in reserve Bendtner, who was in the Irish capital showed personal fans.

The Scandinavians really just went forward, but a tub of cold water for guests was a successful “standard” opponent. Brady hung from the centre circle, a terrible mistake was made lit the candle in his own penalty area a defender, and Duffy head tossed did not expect such a dirty trick of Smikle. Quick goals in the performance of the Irish – their special feature: for the fifth time in this series “Boys in green” was placed in the opening six minutes. Unless someone could suggest at this point, it will all end?

As often happens, the goal literally blew up the game, and midway through the first half, the opponents created more chances than 90 minutes Saturday. Use your chances Murphy, and Macklin, who possessed the initiative of Denmark could be in a very difficult situation, but the red-white team was just stronger and more skillful. The hosts are simply no performers the level of Sisto, is able after a corner mocking to play the ball to the defender between his legs and to make a pass to Christensen. And let the blow that really did not happen, the ball hit the bar came in clumsily played Christie and bounced into the goal.

And then worked, and the second permutation charade. This time Poulsen played the ball on the right flank, he arranged passes with Jorgensen, who has already rolled the ball Eriksen. Blow spent a brilliant match, Christian was not only crucial, but also amazingly beautiful.

The Irish had to score at least twice, and immediately after the break the game entered Hoolahan and former Spartak McGeady. Pressure gate Smihula, of course, increased, but the moments involving Sisto and Eriksen looked no greater example. The Danes almost lost of Poulsen, who received a jolt in the back of Macklin’s and crashed head first into rushing towards the ward.

So beat somewhere in the fighting, and both hit in football, demonstrated Eriksen. The hero of Denmark spectacularly curled the ball into the corner and broke the national record of performance in the single qualifying round of the world championship.

From Ebbe Sanda during the campaign to the 2002 FIFA world Cup was nine punches. Now after a hat-trick in Erickson, they had accumulated 11. Amazing figure for a player who is not a striker. Of the Irish like a kicked their vaunted spirit, which insisted before the match O’neill.

Bravo, Christian! Bravo Denmark! Next summer in Russia you are welcome! And 30th goal for the national team since Bendtner earned by the Lord from the penalty spot – this is the icing on the bitter cake of the victors.

Andrey KUZICHEV, Sport-Express

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