A hangover is not a problem now

Soon there will be alcohol, which does not cause a hangover. Photo:EtCetera

Soon there will be alcohol, which does not cause a hangover.

Professor at the Imperial College London and a product developer David Nutt promises to release his invention on sale in the next 5 years, reports the Capital.

His invention is a synthetic alcohol Alcarelle. It allows you to feel the intoxication, but does not cause the same effects as intoxication. Now David Nutt is trying to improve the formula and improve the taste of the drink.

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The inventor has created a synthetic alcohol 1983. Alcarelle be a dietary Supplement or conventional ingredient.

To produce the finished drink, Nutt needs to get permission from regulators. To solve the problem it has teamed up with scientists and nutritionists.

According to the world health organization Lithuania is the most drinking country in the EU. On average in this country, one person has 15 liters of pure alcohol per year. Every year from the excessive use of alcohol kills 3 million people, most of them men.


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