A drunk driver with his comrades severely beat patrol

In Odessa, three men severely beat a police officer. Photo: iPress

In Odessa ovidiopolskaya road, a drunk driving violation with friends brutally beat patrol.

The incident occurred on January 21. The driver was pulled over for lack of turn signal light, as noted, the man immediately began the conflict. About it reports “Duma”.

“The driver who was pulled over for lack of turn signal light when making a maneuver, first has responded to the legitimate demands of patrol aggressive insults and waiting for the help of two friends, together with them attacked the police with fists”, – writes the edition.

The militiaman with cranial-a brain trauma and a chest injury, was hospitalized.

The attackers were detained and taken to the police station. They were two of the Odessa 28 and 35 years and 35-year-old resident of the area. The police said that the driver of the Mercedes had signs of alcoholic intoxication.

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On this fact data were entered in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations on h. 2 art 345 “Threat or violence concerning the employee of law enforcement body” the Criminal code of Ukraine. The investigation continues.

In Kiev during the quench family conflict suffered a passer-by. He stood up for the woman beat the husband and was shot in the stomach.


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