A drop of oil wiped out the growth of the Russian stock

Photo: Sergey Bulkin/News.EN

Index Mosberg declines in world stock markets and oil prices.

Paper RUSAL, rising in price by 10 percent after news of the lifting of sanctions, however, lost growth, writes finanz.ru with reference to “Bloomberg”.

Oil is cheaper, the stock market there is no strong catalyst, the resistance is close, and trading volume is low, wrote an email to Alexander Nut, the main trader IK “the Renaissance the Capital” in Russian equities.

Brent crude fell back below $61 per barrel on low trading volume as investors evaluate weakening the confrontation between Washington and Venezuela, the first years, the growth in the number of drilling rigs in the United States. European stocks and U.S. stocks are falling ahead of a crucial vote on Brexit and the Federal reserve meeting on rates.

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