A Democrat from Ohio Tim Ryan joined the presidential race

Tim Ryan (arhivnoe photos)


A Democrat from Ohio Tim Ryan joined the presidential race


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Congressman, moderate, promises to return jobs for “blue collar”

The Democrats involved in the election of the President of the United States, joined by another politician: Congressman from Ohio, Tim Ryan announced Thursday the entry into the race.

“I am a liberal politician who knows how to talk to workers and how to enlist the votes of voters in working class areas. Because in the end, liberal ideas – the best choice for working families,” said Ryan in an interview with ABC television.

45-year-old Ryan represents northeast Ohio in the House of representatives since 2002. In 2016 the people of his constituency in the presidential election expressed a preference for Donald Trump. In the same 2016 Ryan gained fame in the whole country, trying to unseat Nancy Pelosi as leader of the Democrats in the House of representatives. Then he said that “the party needs fresh blood”.

Ryan declares that he is well aware of what effect the loss of jobs for Ohio residents. He accuses trump that he has not fulfilled promises to return jobs to the U.S., and calls among its priorities the use of new technologies – solar and wind power and electric vehicles.

At the moment, 16 Democrats, said about the nomination for the presidential elections of 2020. However, judging by the polls, voters prefer former Vice-President Joe Biden, who has not yet joined the electoral race. Biden the best chance to win Donald trump in the election next year.

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