A Brexit is getting closer: the European Parliament does not like the new proposals of the Johnson

A Brexit is getting closer: the European Parliament does not like the new proposals of the Johnson
01:22 Telegraph Today, the UKRINFORM news of the world:the European Parliament rejected the “final offer” Johnson about Brexit.

The European Parliament has not supported the new proposal of the Prime Minister Boris Johnson about Brexit.

As reported on the website of the European Parliament, the steering group for Brexit after a meeting with chief negotiator of the EC, Michel Barnier and consideration of proposals from the UK government, found them insufficient to address critical issues for the economy and preservation of a single market between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

“Group not found these suggestions “the last moment”, which came from the UK government on 2 October, in their current form, those which could provide basis for agreement, which could agree by the European Parliament. These proposals do not answer the real problems that need solutions, particularly in the economy of the Islands (Ireland), on the full respect for the “Agreement of good Friday” and for the unity of the single market”, – stated in the message.

Deputies determined the proposals of the British government as substantially different from previously agreed between the parties obligations and objectives.

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In particular, it concerns the introduction of a system of customs control, without discussion, where and how it will be implemented. Such proposals can destroy the momentum of economic ties and lead to serious risks for the peace process in Northern Ireland.

In addition, deputies are not satisfied that the proposals contained in the letter of the British government, needs to be fleshed out and implemented during the transitional period of 14 months that is not already agreed with the EU the principles of the Agreement on leaving the UK.

Ireland will not agree to “final offer” Johnson

The third drawback MEPs see that the idea to grant the right of approval of the Northern Ireland Assembly makes the contract conditional, indefinite, temporary and unilateral decision that could not replace the security measures provided for in the previously agreed “backstop”. In addition, the Northern Ireland Assembly has not convened for more than three years, and this casts doubt on her ability to take responsibility for an international agreement of this nature.

“The steering group has big concerns about the proposals submitted in the UK. To protect peace and stability on the island of Ireland, the protection of citizens and the rule of law in the EU should be the main focus of any agreement. UK deals don’t even come close to the agreed objectives as a significant compromise in the framework of the “backstop,” said MEPs.

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The members of rukovodyat group of European Parliament on Brexit noted that continue to support the orderly release of the UK based on the negotiated Agreement that was reaffirmed in a resolution of the European Parliament of 18 September of the current year.

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