A brave woman caught a shark with his hands and carried her to the ocean: funny video

Australian Melissa Hatheyer, resting in one of the pools near Sydney, we saw a small shark. For a predator to not have done harm to people and herself, she took the shark with his hands and threw it next to the pool in the ocean.
Write about it on the news.com.au.
The woman said that the morning her mother called her and told her that the water swims the shark. And with the children Melissa immediately went to help. Melissa said that the shark is feared by the people and fought about stones.
“I put a predator in shallow water, jumped on him and pinned fins knees. I must say that his skin was rough, like sandpaper,” said the Australian.
She told me that the shark was only about a meter, so it was still a baby.
I work as a realtor and my profession is to help people relocate. I just helped the shark to end up in the ocean – jokingly added Melissa Hatheyer.
She stated that their actions not only protected people from the encounter with a predator, but also saved the shark itself, which is clearly felt uncomfortable in a confined space.

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