800 billion for the rehabilitation of “Opening” and “Bank” will be an irrevocable loss

Deputy Central Bank Chairman Vasily Pozdyshev said that the reorganization “Bianca” and “Discovery” will spend 800 billion rubles, and the money the state return.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

“In General, — said Pozdyshev in the air “Russia 24″ on financial rehabilitation of a banking group (the”Discovery” — ed.) will need about 450 billion rubles, the second (the “Bank” — ed.) — about 350-370 billion.

While earlier the funds for sanitation were estimated in smaller amounts: 250-400 billion in “Open” and 25-350 billion in “Binbank” (in the latter case, it was a question of the scope of creation of reserves).

Pozdyshev said that the funds that the Central Bank will spend on sanitation, will not be able to return on the subsequent sale of banks to new owners, as of now, according to him, in contrast to the situation in previous years, the banks sold even at a discount.

Earlier, the Central Bank assured the public that the reorganization with the overprinting of money will not affect inflation, as the funds remain within the banking sector.

Former Chairman of the Central Bank Sergey Aleksashenko has already ironically praised the regulator, noting “the excellent work of Ms. Nabiullina,” (Nabiullina, head of the Central Bank — ed.).

Recall that the Central Bank plans to merge have fallen under its control both the troubled Bank into one entity, and then sell it back to private investors.

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