6 phrases that it is not necessary to say at the interview

The decision to hire you the employer takes after a personal meeting. Only with the help of resume to find a job will fail. Photo: jwoman.in.ua

To quickly find a job, you need to make the right accents in your resume and prepare well for the interview with the employer.

In the interview you need to watch what you tell. Sometimes a single phrase can produce a negative impression of you and stop to work, writes Work.ua.

“I don’t have time to study, what does your company”

This phrase forget of 2 reasons. First, you should always check where you’re going in for an interview. Otherwise, you can come across scams which are illegal or dangerous business. Secondly, after this phrase, a recruiter will understand that you are only interested in salary or in desperation, willing to do any work. Then no skills will not help you to get the job done. You will be perceived as an irresponsible person.

“I have no time for this”

On interviews often ask about your personal development and latest developments. To not look ridiculous, never make excuses that you don’t have time for this. Instead, think about the answer. For example, say that trying to learn online, attend online training sessions or watch video lessons, read a lot.

“I’ve never done this before, but I’ll try”

If you have little experience, don’t need to focus on the interview. The recruiter will understand from your summary. You need to prove that you need the company despite any shortcomings or inexperience. Show that you are able to set goals and move towards them. Tell us about your achievements over the past year, about what a quick study and not afraid of difficulties.

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“Please give me a chance”

Recruiters are interested in your professional and human qualities and not acting talents. During the interview focus on your strengths. Not trying to get a job out of pity to you.

“I’ll do anything”

Many candidates believe that to bribe the employer through dedication. However, this phrase gives despair and inner doubts. Better tell us what he did in the previous location. Tell us about your competitive advantages: the knowledge of foreign languages, computer literacy, work experience.

“What else can I tell you? All there in the summary”

The decision to hire you the employer takes after a personal meeting. Only with the help of resume to find a job will fail. Indeed, there are cases when “sociable, the perfect team player” in summary, the interview can not say anything.

When applying for a job recruiters pay attention to personal qualities of the candidate and his expectations for salary. Also factor in experience of a potential employee.


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