5 ‘ bad ‘ foods that we regularly feed children


Fascination with fast food and food with high sugar content and preservatives may affect school performance in children often have problems with concentration.

Large amounts of sugar, TRANS fats and chemical additives are often in products for children.

It is believed that the child’s body has the amazing ability to digest almost any food. But, actually, things are not so simple. Parents should wisely plan the child’s diet to avoid health problems in the future. In addition, some products that are popular with children, can adversely affect the growing organism in the short term, writes marieclaire.ru

Many researchers indicate the relationship of active consumption of refined sugar with the growing incidence of type 2 diabetes among children. The fascination with junk food and food with high sugar content and preservatives can also affect performance – often there are problems with concentration. Doctors are also concerned about rising cases of childhood obesity. But most of these problems can be avoided without much trouble. It is sufficient to exclude from the child’s diet the following products.



The widespread opinion that the juice is useful for the child’s body, is wrong. Colorful packaging labeled “for children” can easily mislead, when in reality in most “fruit drinks” and juices with lots of sugar. Even juices labeled “fresh” are processed, during which it lost a significant part of the flavor. Many of these drinks are marketed as “healthy”, and indeed they may be a certain amount of vitamins and nutrients, but adding in the juice of sugar makes almost all useful effect. Instead of juice it is better to give children fruit, which contain not only vitamins, but a useful fiber that is not in the juices.



Yogurt is a powerful probiotic that is able to restore intestinal flora. This product also contains calcium, potassium, vitamin B6 and magnesium, which makes it very useful for children. But do not forget that today many manufacturers add in yogurt sugar to make it pleasant to the taste.

Pay attention to the sugar content and choose plain yogurt without sweeteners. For children over two years of excellent natural sweetener yogurt – honey. Also vary the taste by adding fresh fruit, berries and nuts.

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You just add a little milk to a bowl of cereal and a quick and nutritious Breakfast is ready. Many cereal manufacturers claim that their product is perfectly suitable for children, but in reality it contains a lot of sugar and additives (and do not be misled by the marked “enriched” – in fact, it means “industrially processed to the max”).

Do not spare morning time to prepare normal oatmeal with added fruit or a few eggs and whole wheat toast.

Chicken nuggets


Chicken nuggets is a very popular food for children in many fast food restaurants and stores cooking. Some manufacturers even focus on the fact that their nuggets “made out of real chicken”, but the main drawback of the snacks in the other. Chicken nuggets are fried in deep fat, and usually this deep fried – not good for the body, the mixture of TRANS fats.

If your kids love this snack, it is better to cook the nuggets at home. It’s easy: cut chicken in strips or pieces, dipped in egg beaten with a pinch of salt, roll in breadcrumbs and bake in the oven.

Noodles and pasta noodles


A large part of the semi-finished products of macaroni contains a large number of phthalates (chemicals that mimic the structure of estrogen, can cause disruptions in the endocrine system, according to some, is also able to reduce the level of testosterone). And most of all phthalates detected in the cheese powder. Also these products are high in cholesterol, there is also a certain amount of sugar.

Take the time to cook pasta dishes of products from whole wheat flour and regular grated cheese. The only way you can be sure that will really save the health of the child.

Nutritionists argue that modern children from the point of view of power four main problems. First: children are eating too much protein. Second: in their diet, refined foods (flour, rice, pasta, oil, sugar), and there is no sense. Third, a lack of water. It is water, because they drink in the best case, juice, and soda more often, disrupting the balance in the body, which needs a lot of clean water without impurities. And fourth, instead of natural healthy foods (kefir and yogurt) they are supposedly useful (yogurt and curds), full of sugar, dyes, preservatives and flavor enhancers.


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