2018 world Cup: visible-invisible

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The situation with the show on our TV the final tournament of the world championship remains unclear.

An outright ban on the show yet, however, broadcasting rights are not redeemed. While there are failures…

Recall that first broadcast the 2018 world Cup refused a national public broadcaster with rights to the show, as it is a member of the European broadcasting Union. It was he FIFA in 2017, these rights are conveyed.

And that’s not so very unexpected, but clearly a late failure – despite the fact that the state budget provides for the allocation of considerable sums to the budget NOTE just for this event.

Part of the money as an advance payment already seems to be gone. Not in Moscow, how could anyone think, in FIFA.

Just in case, will notify that the Russians are forced to buy the rights to broadcast. The fun is not cheap, and even combined into a single consortium VGTRK, the First channel and “Match TV” estimated balance sheet and initially refused to purchase the rights for $ 120 million. Explained by the fact that this amount is excessive and three times higher than the one that had to pay for the previous world Cup.

In the end, a compromise with FIFA, the Russians managed to achieve. Then they agreed among themselves: who the opening match, who is the final… There in the first place was financial. Nobody hid. We didn’t talk about it.


Following NOTE to the refusal officially joined the media group “Ukraine” Rinat Akhmetov. Not going to list all the media included in the holding. Suffice it to mention the TV channels futbol 1 and futbol 2, which, what can not be denied, despite their level of engagement, gathered a sufficient number of professionals who had been at the home Euro-2012.

It is more than just the coverage of the matches from the Studio.

The rhetoric is similar. The message about the aggressor is absolutely correct. And the call for fans not to go there for their own safety, too, is understandable and fair. I would have gone there team, it would be somehow protected. Fans is not something that no one would help did not. Someone even calculated.

So, official communication in this situation would look at least inappropriate, and it is possible – and a crime against their fellow citizens. And to warn about the dangers, so to speak, an unofficial visit is also worth.


And now let’s have no undue emotion understand, what are the benefits of rejection of the broadcasts? Or, if you come from the other, obvious hand – what harm we inflict failure on the occupier?

The first issue is financial. The state company may even already invested money to give up. Her business is to think about higher matters. Though perhaps there’s just figured out their capabilities and realized that not pull. And already spent in extreme cases you can write off, but still the beam to shift to the shoulders of others. All of this is to provide what people are willing to hear.

Relieved – and then their business. It is clear that there are always football fans who don’t want to miss the world football forum, book tickets and not embarrassed, go to the northeast to invest in the economy of its aggressive neighbor.

But, of course, across the border with the risk of liberty and health go not because of the inability to see the world Cup on normal TV. Who has the money to travel, and satellite dish – no problem.

What do the rest of football fans? Someone (however, those will be the minority) to accept, but most will find a way out. To start legal. Is not followed by other prohibitions. Just for showing up. Once in North Korea…


Of course, as already mentioned, the notorious “Soccer”. The experience is. Commentary staff trained in the European cups and the qualifiers for the 2018 world Cup, the Championships of England and Spain. So, it would seem that the flag in his hands. But now they have a time that it’s time to think about patriotism. Now they and the FFU should look in this Santa flagships. All who are against them, win-win labeled a separatist. And with the broadcasts.

The aggressor country. You can not argue. All the way. But only one of the 32 finalists. You seriously believe that someone is going to buy and show reports from the base of the Russian national team in Novogorsk Yes happy faces foreign fans? Who needs it – welcome to the Internet, RTR, NTV, etc football.


And yet, this is the bogey in the form of billboards “Gazprom”, which Mr. Alasania scared us back to the time of the refusal to view the youth world Cup 2015. Just do not say that the stickers hated company cover t-shirt of players that will be full of commercials.

The boards around the pitch, of course. There not going anywhere. So they and we at home in the Champions League and the Europa League are present. 26 may in Kiev the Champions League final. 24th – women’s. There will be banners at the NSC “Olimpiyskiy”, “Dynamo”. It is the official delegations from “there” will come.

Well at least no teams will do – took a flyer out already. The Russian national anthem before the match? And who said that we must show the Russians?

Complexity-no. In 1974, Soviet television just aired the matches involving the national team of Chile in the world Cup in Germany, and in 1982 from Spain. In 1964, during a broadcast from Madrid the final match of the European championship between Spain and the USSR, the Spanish Caudillo Franco Soviet audience saw on the screens, although the local Directors willingly showed him.

But he is watching football. Enough after a couple dozen seconds of delay. Now – even less. All sedition elementary cut. As and profanity. If you suddenly reach serious stages – is useful. Or “technical reasons on the line”…


Now, from the lofty to mundane. If not the “First” and not football channels Akhmetov, who did? Sounded and immediately went viral today the rumors that is interested in “inter”. That’s just no no official information. Only the abundance of comments. And everywhere, or slogans, or complaints about infringement of rights.

And if you look from the material point of view? Advertising, it seems, is able to cover the expenses. The question is: who will do this? Yes, the image will get. And then what? Who is going to comment? Their intelligent masters of the microphone and specialized channels to spare. But on mainstream – at all times-two and obchelsya.

You have to recruit people which many will see as strikebreakers. To invite the Russians? Funny. They, too, after this probably is waiting at home is not the best reception. Unless, of course, can not prove that fulfilled the responsible task…

Now just answer the question: one of our current commentators if he considers himself a professional, will miss this world Cup? The answer is: of course, everyone will be watching. Why, then others are deprived of this opportunity?


The world Cup will see the Serbs and the Kosovars, the Syrian supporters of Assad and the opposition, Sunni and Shiites, Israelis and Palestinians… Maybe even the North Koreans, although in this case it is not a good example – they are just not something that is possible, maybe even strongly recommended.

The people themselves will choose between football and TV series. Only we have we signed one, and then scared the other… God forbid, a third will cancel the already not broadcast, but simply a show. It is clear that something that is impossible to obtain on a home TV screen, you can see in other places. All sorts of sports and gaming salons will be with great joy to show that increasing the beer prices. But at the same time – will increase demand for cable channels, antenna…

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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