2018 world Cup: Sweden – champion again! (VIDEO)

Photo: Reuters

The Swedish national team in the hardest match we beat Switzerland and for the second consecutive time became the world champion.

Sweden – Switzerland – 3:2 B (1:1, 1:1, 0:0, 0:0, 1:0)

Goals: Niederreiter – 4 (Yossi, Fiala), 16:38 – 0:1. Nyquist – 4 (Ekholm), 17:54 – 1:1. Mayer – 2 (bol., Korvi, Yossi), 23:13 – 1:2. Sibania – 6 (Bal., Ekman-Larsson), 34:53 – 2:2.

Victorious bullet: Forsberg.

Goalkeepers: Nilsson – Genoni.

Penalty: 4 – 10.

Throws: 37 (13+11+8+5) – 27 (7+8+3+9).

Referees: Gofman, Gouen.

May 20. Copenhagen. Royal Arena.


from Copenhagen


At the end of the tournament and so feel depressed a little more than full. And then there’s the induction ceremony of new members of the Hall of glory IIHF. Which is to get up early.

Which to go. Where not to sit. But I did not regret it. The ceremony, which was led by the legendary Gord Miller, cool all podkapyvanii and prepared a bunch of stories about everyone, was very interesting. Well, and to talk after it with Rob Blake, Chris Chelios, Daniel Alfredsson and yere Lehtinen was very, very interesting.

Mostly they talked about their way in hockey. Chelios says that he no longer spends days and nights in the gym. It’s not like. He generally did not change over the last 10 years. And is in fine form. Wouldn’t be surprised if he is still pedaling at the sauna.

Blake was impossible not to ask about Voynov. Of course, he did not really say. But made clear that he had interest in returning Vyacheslav itself is quite. Here Alfredsson – not such an athlete as before. Yes, and Lehtinen.

Bob Nadin little-known, but this is a cool grandpa. Famous referee, the famous inspector. Told me how he met Rene Fasel. Rene, they say, came up to him and says “I am the referee”. He says, “Yes, my mother is more like a referee than you.”


In General, it was something to do before the match with bronze. Which is not much. As said by Sergei Zubov: “Two guys rolled cotton wool”. It was, in General. In the third the Americans added to the movement he wanted, apparently, more. And made her. Canadians, judging by the mixed doubles, especially not soared. There were, of course, upset, but not killed. After Switzerland was completely different, and even there I felt that this was not the team in which team – direct the team.

Amuse, the way that Nugent-Hopkins is recognized as one of the top three from team Canada tournament. I do not know on what terms they with McDavid arrived, but there were lots of options more interesting than using Ryan on the wing in the top three. And if all other links are constantly subjected to change – these two are not touched at all. And for good reason.

Through about an hour after the match for bronze met in the street, Quinn Hughes, a very young guy who will be selected in the top 10 closest draft. Very interesting defender that promises to become a star. He photographed his medal in a variety of recurso. Dragged from her. Though it’s only bronze. And in mixed doubles with enthusiasm told about the victory. Handsome.

Shortly before the match I was approached by a journalist from Germany. He’s writing a book about European hockey, German in particular, about anguelova from Europe. Asked to answer a few questions for one of the chapters. Remembered The Olympics. Asked five minutes talking around 20. Told me that in Germany all at once I understood: the silver of the Olympic games is good, but “in the world we are still the eighth-ninth.” All is not only journalists, but also ordinary fans. Amazing. We have very many people still do not understand. Although it is obvious that the playoffs of the world championship level is much higher than all these Games.


Well, okay. The finale, of course, failed. It is impossible not to sympathize with these Swiss. Playing simply “2-1-2”. Zarabatyvayut every shift. Just playing, roughly speaking, they turned to European Canadians, taking over the title from the Finns, but sometimes it is intricate and very cheerful. Cool guys. Always relaxed. Always ready to talk till the cows come home. But I, of course, without a moment’s believed that they will take the gold. Beat – Yes. But their style is too tied to physics. A large amount of movement without the puck. Very compact defense, but since they hang on the gate, they can press and roll.

In the middle of the second period, the Swedes held positionto two minutes and a half, if not three. I’m not watching all matches, but I’m pretty sure it was the best positional attack in the entire tournament. With the huge amount of Catania, an incredible number of exchanges, permanent double screen movements and smart locks to defend. They never whistle. But how do they gain this space. Gave back and went along with defenseman somewhere toward the gate.

Not scored, but then there was another posizione. A little shorter. And not so cool. Well, not just her three gorgeous playing here Siberiada started. Swiss imported, they departed, and the same Mick equalized.

To the credit of the Swiss – they never float. Six minutes scoffed at them. But as soon as there is a chance on the counter – ran three, and Andrighetto almost scored.

The Swedes there cool. The most angry and aggressive in my memory. They themselves admit it. Players of Russian national team told me the same thing. Most damages were received in the meeting with them. And yet even Swedes sometimes turn into academics. Although playing virtually at home. Swedish sea in the stands in the finale was not quite the sea, but fans of “Tre Kronor” was still very much.

In the end, the Swedes have created a lot, but, first, Genoni, and secondly, for some reason did not go through. The status of this command is easy to understand Arvidsson. If the winding forward of “Nashville” is in every joint and in every moment of change makes three amplitude step – the rival is not to be envied. Not in this case. And if not – something goes wrong. And it’s gone. But all ended as it should. Although after the rod Larsson in the final seconds it seemed that would be wrong.

Haas on the shootout is weird. Forsberg is clear. The Swedes with the win. Atypical, hard, with character. These guys are the power.


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