2018 world Cup: Decided two pairs in the 1/4 finals

Photo: iihf.com

After the completion of the group stage matches of the 2018 world Cup in Denmark, Switzerland – France (5:1) and Finland – USA (6:2) was determined with two pairs of quarterfinalists.

The Swiss thanks to the victory over the French took the fourth place in group A.

Their opponent at pravomu round of the playoffs will be the Finns, who took first place in group B.

Became the second American in the quarterfinals will play against the third team of group A with the Czech Republic.

Note that the Russian team can play with Canada already in the 1/4 finals. This will happen if in the last game of the group tournament the team of Ilya Vorobiev lose Sweden and will take second place in their group, and the Canadians will win over Germany.

If the Russians beat the “Tre Kronor”, that will take first place in the group and in the quarterfinals will play either Latvia or Denmark as these teams argue among themselves for fourth place in group B, informs SE.

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