2018 winter solstice: why this day is the energy of the year

22 December 2018 in Ukraine will be held on the winter solstice at 00:23. The winter solstice is considered the shortest day of the year. On this day, the rise of the sun in the sky is the lowest.

Why December 22 is one of the strongest days of the year and what secrets are hidden in itself by the winter solstice – read the material.

What is winter solstice ?

21 and 22 December are the shortest days of the year, and the night from 21 to 22 December – the longest. In this position, the solar disk will be delayed for 3 days.

After 3 days, the Sun will gradually begin to rise above the horizon, and daylight will start to increase. Light day 22 December will last 7 hours, and 31 December, the day lasts for 6 minutes longer.

Winter solstice 2018

Astronomy explains the phenomenon this way – during the winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere, the Sun remains the least time above the horizon, occupying the lowest position on him. During the winter solstice the center of the sun passes through the southernmost point of the Ecliptic with inclination of -23° 27′. This point in 2018 will be at 00:23.

Over several adjacent days solstice the Sun is almost no change in tilt, its noon height in the sky almost unchanged; hence the name solstice.

Why this day is considered the most energy?

With the period of the solstice, our ancestors have been associated with many traditions and beliefs that have led to purification and regeneration. On this day the old sun is dying and the new is born. Therefore, everyone has the chance to be born again to new life.

22 December 2018 all the forces of the Cosmos and the Sun will help you to get rid of weights that hinder you and pull back, and take a step in a new period of their own destiny. Very fortunate during this period to spend money rituals and get rid of the energies that pull you into debts and lack of money.

December 22 – the energy day

People people say: “After the solstice, at least in the chicken, let it will arrive day”. This means that changes for the better “will fall as snow on the head”, and everything will happen gradually. If you notice the slightest change for the better, rejoice and give thanks for every happy moment, every new day will be richer and brighter in your life. The main objective of this day is to make important decisions. You have to give yourself promises, determine goals to go to them, and each day will become longer and longer, and your success will be greater and greater.

Astrologers at this time suggest to get rid of dirt in the house and to meet the new period of his life with pure thoughts.

Moon phase December 22

The moon horoscope predicts success in many cases, the person will become more impulsive. The lunar calendar recommends that you do things that require high concentration and attention. The month also promises the development of intellectual capacities, success will have a business that will be associated with the search information. December 21 – a great day for dealing with financial Affairs. However, long-term plans had to be postponed.

Today is the 15th day of the moon, which is considered the most successful for implementation of new ideas. You need to be confident in their abilities to achieve a decent result.

Moon phase December 22 – rising Moon. This period carries a powerful energy charge, which allows you to implement any plans. A great day in order to bring to life creative ideas that have arisen the day before. The space will help to implement all plans.

The plans that you laid last month – start to implement it in a lunar day. A long-term relationship will likely be stronger and better. If you had a pair, according to the lunar calendar, you have great chances to make interesting acquaintance that day.

Signs of the day of the winter solstice

– Calm the weather forecast promises that next year will be a rich fruit crop.

– If you want a bountiful harvest – it is necessary to shake to this day the tree.

– Rainy on this day, expect a wet spring.

– Weather on December 21 will be the same in ten days. If this day begin Blizzard, the New year will be the same snow.

– Quiet and cold day – the winter is mild and snowy.

– Tit 21 Dec seek shelter – wait for blizzards.

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