2018 winter Olympics: what sports are the most useful

Today is the sixth day of the Olympic Winter games in South Korea’s Pyeongchang. During the Olympics must be played in 102 sets of medals in seven sports. As one of the main goals of such events is the promotion of physical activity, you can remember what winter sports are considered the most useful to man.

photo: pixabay.com

The first Association with the words “winter sports” most people are skiing. Indeed, many studies show that walking and skiing effectively help you lose weight, increase endurance, strengthen the cardiovascular system and even the immune system, and improve the function of the respiratory system.

It may seem that compared to skiing snowboarding Sarajevo with fewer movements, and therefore, means less activity.However, the calories she can burn nearly as many, according to some scientists. The load on the joints are not too large, but the abdominal muscles, legs and back are tense and develop. Also snowboarding benefits the vestibular apparatus, and, according to some, strengthens blood circulation . Of course, it is worth considering that this sport is quite “extreme”, so before the conquest of the dangerous slopes, you should pay sufficient attention to learning.

We can recall such rapidly gaining popularity, the discipline of Curling. He was officially recognized as an Olympic sport only in 1998, and recently attracts more and more attention, and some may refer to it somewhat ironic. However, to underestimate the use of Curling also is not necessary — it not only develops teamwork skills, but also brings health benefits — flexing for the throw, and especially rubbing ice is a good exercise. The advantages of Curling can be attributed to its low trauma — alas, it can boast not all winter sports.

Skating can be a good alternative to running and other cardio. Also, this kind of activity develops the ability of man to keep the balance. Hockey allows you to increase the speed of reaction and, like Curling, can give the valuable skills of teamwork, though less clearly related to the cardiovascular system.

That Olympiad was held for about one-third, quite an original way reminded Google. On the main page of its search engine corporations Doodle appeared, at first glance, dedicated to Valentine’s Day. Apparently, it is a play that pairs figure skating can serve as a symbol of a romantic relationship.

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