2018 winter Olympics: the scientists admit that they were some of the last

Yesterday, February 8, began the competition of the Olympics-2018, as today in Pyeongchang will host the official opening ceremony of the Games. Traditionally this event has attracted the interest of almost all people interested in the sport. However, maybe it deserves even more attention considering that many scientists predict a complete disappearance of the Winter Olympic games in the foreseeable future. Experts see a variety of environmental, political and other preconditions for such a scenario.

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Winter Olympics — the largest international competitions in winter sports, held since 1924. Until 1992 they organized in the same years that the Summer Olympics, and then they began to carry out a two-year “the shift” that allowed sports fans to watch Olympic events every even-numbered year. However, there are at least eight factors that can lead to the fact that in the future Winter Olympics to be held longer. Their list of leads bbc.com.

The first reason declared global warming. The world is becoming less snow and, according to some projections, by the end of this century in the Alps it will be less by almost a third . By 2050, 13 of the 21 cities, taking in the past competitions in winter sport, will be too warm again to hold on their territory of such a tournament. Many believe that this trend will continue even if humanity is to take care of the environment. And recently it was reported that she will not be able to fully withstand even the “little ice age”. The second problem is a consequence of the first — due to warming in many countries is rapidly closed ski resorts.

The third evidence of the “decline” of the Winter Olympics announced the fact that smaller cities tend to hold them — for the right to organize Olympic games in 2022 in Beijing fought only six countries, four of which withdrew their application because the population was against spending a large amount of public money to cover the cost of the Games. At the spread earlier, the IOC plans to offer even money to the city if you plan to hold the Olympics in 2026 on its territory. However, even this may not be enough — a fourth reason, called the “bi-Bi-si”, is that the Winter Olympic games are becoming more expensive.

Does not contribute to the prestige held in the cold season Olympic games and the fact that recently there has been a noticeable decline of interest in winter sports.

Other conditions of disappearance of the Winter Olympics — their smaller profit and popularity compared to Letime, and the fact that the Champions of the winter Games, more often, not as famous as those who have achieved outstanding success during the Olympics held in the summer.

By the way, some scientists do not exclude that global warming could hinder the performance of not only Winter but also the Summer Olympic games in the year before this was stated by the researchers representing the University of California at Berkeley.

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