2018 elections: Putin ahead of nearest rival by 65 per cent

67 percent of Russians are ready to participate in the elections of the President of the country, while the level of awareness about the day holding today is 85.3%, while in October of last year, only 31.9% of respondents naming the correct date. If elections were held next Sunday, Vladimir Putin would have received 73.8% of the votes, “slightly” ahead of Pavel Grudinina, whose current ranking for the month increased from 4.6% to 7.2. These data provided the January 15 press conference, the Director of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) Valery Fedorov.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Fedorov believes that the rise of the few who is known to the Director of the Lenin state farm, due to the fact that nominated Grudinina, the Communist party remains the country’s number two party, while voters “are tired” from Gennady Zyuganov. In addition, a role played by the “element of surprise” appearance Grudinina in the political arena.

During the same period, from December last year till today the support of Vladimir Zhirinovsky declined from 7.1 percent to 4.7.

In the Wake of the campaign trailing Grigory Yavlinsky with a rating of 0.6 %, Boris Titov (0.3%) and Ksenia Sobchak (1%). But, according to Valery Fedorova, thanks to the appearance of the list of candidates Grudinina and Sobchak has increased the number of Russians who believe that the upcoming elections will be fair and will reflect the will of the people. In November last year thought so 32.4% of citizens, today sure is 34.1%, the difference is small, but it is.

Modest growth also demonstrates the confidence of citizens that the results of the presidential election will reflect the majority opinion — with 65.8% in November to 68.6 in December (more recent data on these parameters yet).

What is the share of the Russians, in advance, confident that the forthcoming elections will be truly free and democratic? In December, I thought so 23% of Russians. While 7.1 percent of Russian citizens believe that the election results will reflect the interests of the minority, and 5.9% believe that the elections will be “a small group of persons.”

The election campaign is in a difficult socio – political situation. According to Valery Fedorova, citizens are the most topical problems such as low incomes, talking about it 22.6% of Russians, low pensions (18,4), poor health (10,3), low living standards, social inequality (14,2), high taxes and tariffs (13,9) finally, corruption, the dominance of which complain of 12.5% of Russians. These are the main problems, the solution of which rests with the elected 17 March head of the country.

To the question “How much do you think is possible right now in your town / rural area mass protests against falling living standards and rights?” in the affirmative is responsible for 67.2 per cent of citizens (in April of last year, there were 59.7 percent , since the level of suspense steadily growing).

Director of VTSIOM stressed that the majority of the population perceive Vladimir Putin as a guarantor of stability and a leader able to implement change for the better. The attitude to the Cabinet of Ministers harder: 25% of respondents in favor of changing it completely. But much more — 50% — believe that it is only to dismiss some of the Ministers or anyone of the members of the Cabinet not to touch.

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