2017 GOGOLFEST in Kiev: prices and the new programme of events

Current GOGOLFEST 2017 will be 10 years and it will last 11 days from 7 to 17 September. To hold the festival at the exhibition center, Dovzhenko Center and the new Theater on Podol in Kiev.
Over the 11 days of the festival, guests of GOGOLFEST 2017 will be able to attend the 300 events expected 900 participants from 15 countries. The festival program consists of five areas: theatre, music, dance and Arksquat, is a separate project for artists.

The Festival GOGOLFEST
This year the festival organizers first introduced the season passes for the festival and divided the program into “Green” and “Red”.
All the Green events program will be available on subscription, which is already available in the sale:
A pass for all 11 days of Green program will cost 420 UAH until September 6, 490 – 7 September. A subscription for the weekend of 9-10 September, will cost 320 UAH, 370 UAH – from 7 September. Hodnoteni the ticket will cost 100-270 UAH depending on the day of the program.
To attend events in the red program will need to purchase separate tickets. The guest receives a pass to the location where you will be for a specific event. The red program is also 100% composed of international projects with the participation of 15 countries.
September 7, Dovzhenko Centre will be showing the new power of the Trinity project puppet cabaret “Cecho?” and the premiere of “Lord of the flies” of William Golding’s novel, which was directed by David Petrosyan.
“Cecho?” (Ukraine)
September 8 at the Theatre on Podol will be shown ballet “I Baslacchi. Omaggio a Fellini” from the Italian team Compagnia Artemis Danca.

“I Baslacchi. Omaggio a Fellini” (Italy)
On 9 September will take place the solemn official opening of the GOGOLFEST 2017 at ENEA with show performance of “Dreams” with the participation of Dakha Brakha and performance “A Celebration Service” by Meredith monk.
“Dreams OFF” (Ukraine)
In Dovzhenko Center in the new space theatre platform “Scene 6”, will play the “Stop Being Poor” Norwegian Proxy Theatre. The Theatre on Podol will also show the concert “The Art of Brown Soil” from the Belgian Ensemble Nadar.
September 10, there will be a performance for children from the British toymaker Andrew Purvin, and in the evening – the premiere of the Opera-ballet “Ark” and large-scale show “uTopia” from the freak-cabaret Dakh Daughters.
“uTopia” (Ukraine)
And in the Theatre on Podol Belgian Nadar Ensemble will give a concert “The Art of Brown Soil”.
From 11 to 15 September there will be a theatrical-choreographic program, where you can see performances of the new Ukrainian independent scene.
“END OF IMITATION 2.0” (Ukraine)
September 16 will be marked with a Grand performance at ENEA theatre and circus performance, cabaret “Terabak de Kyiv” from cabaret Terabak France and Dakh Daughters.
“Terabak de Kyiv” (Ukraine, France)
September 17 will mark the closing of GOGOLFEST 2017 with a performance of “Fantasy” from the Vilnius Small theatre under the direction of R. Tuminas in Theatre on Podol and in Dovzhenko Center acoustic concert-a performance by Ensemble Ascolta (Germany).
“Fantasy” (Lithuania)
To see a daily list of events on the Green and red programs, you can go here by reference.
All tickets to the events of GOGOLFEST 2017 you can buy at concert.ua.

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