2017 for the United States was a record year for climate disasters

Photo: AmericaRU.com

2017 for the United States – officially the worst year in the number of natural disasters. The last straw was the severe frosts in the North-East of the country is the coldest year in the history of the country, meteorologists say.

2017 brought the biggest economic damage from climate disasters, said the National Directorate of Oceanography and atmosphere. The total cost of recovery from floods, hurricanes and fires is 306 billion dollars. In the previous record year, 2005 – the restoration was worth 215 billion.

The country was rocked by a series of hurricanes that hit the southeastern coast of the United States in August and September, devastating forest fires in California in 2017 in the United States occurred 16 major weather disaster, the damage exceeded 7 billion.

“In 2017, we saw the rare combination of high frequency of disasters, their strength, and diversity of extreme events in weather and climate,” said Adam Smith (Adam Smith), a senior researcher at NOAA.

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