17 hours behind the wheel – as American orbited the planet

American aviatrix Geraldine IOC. Photo: historytime

American pilot Geraldine IOC landed in Columbus in USA on 16 April 1964. Became the first woman, who herself made the flight around the earth in 29 days.

Since childhood, the woman was fond of planes, in his youth he learned to fly. Her family was a four-seater plane “Cessna”, which Jerry was flying too. Already aviation courses, it proved to be a born pilot.

After receiving a license, it is not restricted to the territory of Ohio, where she lived, and chose routes to Canada, Mexico, Bahamas. Set a goal – to circumnavigate the globe. The IOC itself had to go around in Washington embassies of all the countries on the route to obtain permission to fly over them and landing. Thanks to these meetings, it was not taken for a spy, in some countries it was possible.

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On the morning of March 19, Jerry IOC flew in his Cessna with Columbus in the Bermuda triangle. Place the first landing was chosen Bermuda. The journey passed in hard mode: an average of 17 hours of flying, 5 hours glesne, 2-3 care plane, border formalities.

At the airport Columbus 16 APR Jerry IOC met more than five thousand people. Everyone knew that for months she had set seven women’s world flying records.

Most spoke and wrote about the three main Jerry became the first woman, who on a plane trip around the world, crossed two oceans in a single-engine plane and broke the speed record for superdetailing flight. Jerry IOC has received numerous awards, one of which is already 4 may, she was awarded the President.

At 13.30 on 14 April 1929 in Monaco, will start the first road race “Grand Prix Monaco”. 16 riders on vehicles must pass a 100 laps around the Principality streets with a length of 318 km.


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