#10YearsChallenge: how has the theatre on Podol – eloquent photo

Within the framework of popular web flash mob architects recalled how the building of the theatre on Podil looked like 10 years ago and compared as one of the most modern theaters in Ukraine looks like now.

Photosimile eloquent in his Facebook posted Bureau Drozdov&Partners, the architects who worked on the theater project.

10 years ago the building of the theater since the 90’s it was unfinished on Andreevsky descent.

In 2019 in its place is a multifunctional building of the “Palace” has become a “place for all”.



According to the architects, the new facade is rusticated concrete, successfully combined the bricks and covered with metal.

The present appearance of the theatre on Podol in Kiev

The interior of the theater is designed in the loft style: white concrete columns, walls, deep blue colors and minimalist furniture.



The theatre on Podol became the first inclusive theatre in the Ukraine, which is fully equipped for people with disabilities, sight and hearing.

At the end of 2018, the year the Theatre on Podol and 6 projects from Ukraine got into the list of nominees for the prestigious prize of the EU in the field of contemporary architecture awards – Mies van der Rohe.


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