101 reasons for doubt: the Headquarters of Poroshenko in vain PR on Steep

On Tuesday, January 29, Petro Poroshenko will announce his nomination for the presidency of Ukraine. He did it at the event called “From Cool to Brussels”. Why is this not the best option in the material Without Taboos.

Last year had the chance to meet the view that the election headquarters of Petro Poroshenko (and not only) would be great to play during the campaign map the Day of unity of Ukraine. This is especially appropriate in the context of the eternally unbalanced between East and West. But the President along with his entourage went a step further and find another historic date for the announcement of participation in elections and conduct the countless number of analogies with past cases. And on January 22, about his plans pathetic and even with Coelho announced Yulia Tymoshenko.

The battle of Kruty after 101 years, at first glance, seems one of the brightest pages in the history of the national liberation struggle. Several hundred beardless youths, who saw weapons except in the hands of others, managed for a long time to keep exceeding ten times the power of the Bolsheviks in the strategically important railway junction. And when the outcome of the battle became clear, chose not to surrender, and perished one and all. This interpretation in not littered while children’s heads started to drive in high school. Don’t believe? Read the appropriate section in “Stories on the history of Ukraine” Misano for the 5th grade, which was in Vogue until the beginning of school reform.

In fact, it really was heroic and tragic, but without extremes in materiel. About the beginning of the last century and so not too much reliable information, but the desire to catch up with pathos and inflate the value of their own exploits in some degree brought confusion on both sides. Even with the date of a fierce battle, all is not so simple. For the first time on January 29, said the commander of one of detachments of the Bolshevik Mikhail Muravev, when writing for the higher figures of the beautiful legend of the “two-day battle with a persistent enemy.” The facts say otherwise: the fight took place 30.01.1918 and lasted five-six hours.

Resisted the invaders not only students. Kruty fought and “Free Cossacks” and the cadets of the first Ukrainian school of a name of Khmelnytsky, which for the military was prepared. And about the armed forces of the UNR and say nothing – they are in this war were present everywhere as the main striking force. Morale was not always right: the same students during the week before the battle withdrew from the position and returned to Kiev, waiting for reinforcements. But in the capital they were amenable to obstruction and returned to a Cool area, taking with him a hastily assembled last year, and not intended to be sent to the front of the student battalion.

It is significant that the largest numbers made not the Bolsheviks, and forced to emigrate to the West politician and diplomat of UNR times, Dmytro Doroshenko. With three thousand warriors, invaders under the command of Muraviev and Berzin he, in truth, not wrong. But from the Ukrainian side participated in the battle three hundred people and a thousand small, and most had sufficient military training. And the number of deaths of our calculated not hundreds, but tens even with the shot reconnaissance detachment, while the enemy lost in killed every tenth man.

With a captive and executed by the students was really cruel. Unfamiliar with the terrain, the volunteers got lost and went straight to the railway station, which is already controlled by the Bolsheviks. They no time to look back as they captured the enemy force. And after shooting the locals for some time it was forbidden to bury a body. Indeed, the sacralization was enough even nineteen buried at Askold’s grave after a magnificent funeral procession, as cynical as it may sound. But … whether beautiful number “three hundred” like, whether he fell for the propaganda fake, thrown in for the sake of denigrating the leadership of the UNR “Kremlin agents” of a century ago. Anyway, he wrote about the events at Kruty is clearly hearsay.

However, the battle should not be underestimated even with an eye to statistical confusion. While cadets, students and Cossacks resisted the superior forces of the enemy, the detachment under the command of Petliura was able to suppress the Bolshevik uprising on the Arsenal plant, which in theory could lead to disastrous consequences. But in political terms, the UNR won the time to prepare for the signing of the Brest peace Treaty and the actual Union with Germany. It even briefly, but delayed the catastrophe and the destruction of the Ukrainian state in seven decades.

This is the symbolism of the nomination of Poroshenko for the presidency in the commemoration of the fallen at Kruty. Modern Ukraine, though, and enlists all the more tangible support of the West, but by and large forced to repel the aggression of the Russian Federation alone. Including volunteers, who participate in hostilities are not ready. It is much more advantageous than trying to play on the theme of the reunification of the UPR and ZUNR, you know.

In the imagination of the President’s team all mixed up

But the factual material still generates a lot of doubts. This applies both to the events of 101 years ago, and what surrounds the current head of state now. And participation in the elections as an independent candidate, and non-obvious permutations among the staff, and change plans on the fly – the fog is not dissipated, but rather thickens. Uninformed voters can only guess. As in the beginning of the last century, when it was unclear how many were killed – nineteen, twenty-seven, and seventy or three hundred.

Vitaliy Mogilevskiy Without Taboos

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