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Galaxy Tab S7, in a new Mystic Navy color

Did you catch my post last week about great tablets? Great, then you know that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is probably the best Android tablet around. It’s a favorite with the XDA staff, and for a good reason, being one of the few companies that truly compete with Apple’s iPad offerings on the marketplace. If you’re not convinced, we have a Galaxy Tab S7 review that will definitely show you how great it is.

Currently, the Mystic Navy colorway is only available on Samsung’s website, but when it releases on February 18, it may be available at other retailers. But why wait? If you pre-order the tablet from the Samsung Store, you won’t have to worry about when and where the Tab S7 will come in stock–it’ll just be shipped right to your door!

Better yet, you don’t need to pay full price for your new, super-awesome Galaxy Tab S7. Currently, the standard and Plus versions are $80 off, including the Mystic Navy colorway. If you happen to have an eligible phone or tablet, you can also trade it in to save more. If you can hit the max discount, it’ll be only $120 for the standard Tab S7 and $320 for the Tab S7 Plus! This discount is available for every colorway but Mystic Black, in case you don’t like Mystic Navy.

The Mystic Navy color is available for both the standard Tab S7 and Tab S7 Plus:

MAU explained the reason for the exorbitant price of tickets

MAU raised ticket prices because of the panic Photos:

MAU has dramatically increased the ticket prices from Europe to Ukraine. This is due to increasing demands and panic.

It is reported by the President of the UIA Eugene Dykhne in Facebook

“UIA has moved away from manual mode of formation of the cost of the flights many years ago and does not intend to return to the stone age. Modern companies are counting the cost of air travel on the same algorithm. Price forms a special system of calculation – Revenue Management System, which eliminates the possibility of formation of the cost of tickets in manual mode. Not MAU took the decision to restrict passenger traffic. The answers to a series of rhetorical questions would help to clarify the situation with rising prices – Who counted the number of Ukrainian citizens, and not only Ukrainian, who want to return to? Who accelerates the panic last chance to go back – only until March 17? Who explained clearly and understandable, how people will get home after that date?”, – says Eugene Dykhne.

The system automatically determines the cost for a particular route in accordance with a number of indicators: turnover, demand for a period of time, and the like.

Digital algorithms analyze the volume of requests for purchase of tickets and list their cost in accordance with the number of users who simultaneously enter into a global reservation system for booking the ticket and creating reservation.

While Eliashberg gave the ticket prices of several European carriers message France – Ukraine, which range from 25 to 35 000 UAH.

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Ukrainians abroad will be able to return to the country after 17 March – the day of cessation of air, rail and bus.

To help the Ukrainians called the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs “FRIEND” (Voluntary registration of Ukrainian citizens) in which you want to register, said at a briefing, the foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba.


Said when comes the spring heat in Ukraine

Come warming: Ukraine will warm on Monday. Photo:

In Ukraine, 16 March will be Sunny and without rain. However, in some areas the sun is deceptive and does not heat the air.

This prevents forecaster Natalia Didenko on Facebook.

The bright sun will Shine in the beginning of the week over all the regions of Ukraine, the clouds will be light and will not bring precipitation. This will be the beginning of warming. However, next weekend colder again.

A night in the Ukraine will continue with sub-zero temperatures, so early in the morning everyone on the street will cover a light frost: will be -2 ..- 7 degrees.

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In Kiev, Monday, Sunny and no precipitation. Day – +6 … + 8 degrees, and at night -3 …- 5.

Uzhgorod – + 9 … + 11

Lviv – + 10 … + 12

Ivano-Frankivsk – + 9 … + 11

Ternopil – + 8 … + 10

Chernivtsi – + 9 … + 11

Khmelnitsky – + 8 … + 10

Lutsk – + 8 … + 10

Exactly – + 8 … + 10

Zhitomir – +6 … +8

Vinnitsa – +6 … +8

Odessa – + 5 … + 7

Nikolaev – + 6 … + 8

Kherson – +6 … +8

Simferopol – +6 … +8

Kropiwnicki – + 6 … + 8

Cherkassy – +6 … +8

Chernihiv – +6 … +8

Amount + 4 … + 6

Poltava – + 4 … + 6

Dnepr – + 6 … + 8

Zaporozhye – + 5 … + 7

Donetsk + 4 … + 6

Lugansk – +3 … + 5

Kharkov – + 4 … + 6

Kiev – +6 … +8

Recall that the forecaster was shocked by the weather forecast until the end of the year.

Spring has come to Ukraine without delay, but will give a few surprises. In mid-April, at night frost is possible. And may will please almost summer warmth. The summer heat will alternate with cool and intense thunderstorms with hail.


Not mozhu terpri

– TSE is not medifarma and vbyvstvo Galus, – kazhe Yuliya.

Working as a nurse at psichiatrici Lorn. Cohorts bet got argentoffice so, dwellers separatist zarplati. Reigning subsidies not trimebutine. Koshti from the National health service nahoditya only for pracovnich pactv I nadan m services. Taku system peredacha other stage medicine reform.

– Well that services psychiatry Mauger zaproponowali? – produjo Yuliya. – Nastacha snaketime koshtiv scho scho Buda utrirovat especially vujcich pactv – Boinich, zi, folding Rosedale running sizofreni. Our growler recently sdiv in management receptionists health protection of I seemed about TSE. There tilki heads pochitali: “Resuscita vsih for homes.” Pavlas scho bude, if the stench vidot on Voicu? Pid hour of the attack I udariti mozhut, I zarzuty. I nichogo m Buda, Bo toil Dowdle about neosadist.

Dzwony to znajomego Oleg. Rospital, Yak lives iz custkey powerham, or. I putora rock that digestively Psion roselady. After treatment otpustili Dodoma.

– Perche hour svarilsya. Middle not gepala hammer STN. I sdavalsa scho in MENA in the home tsilodobovo gra Musica, – respond tovarish. – A couple of months that I short-circuited. Now wivea fine.

– And what happened? – nourish.

– Became topici susd snizu. VDRIVE water I lagu spathi. The stench mutualise, apartment is in good condition I Lama. Ale prestou z’ïhali. Apartment produt. I shchaslyvyi. Bo on elections fear the Yak patrimoniali Selenskogo. And I Yogo DOS terpri not mozhu


Fourcade left and it’s sad. But it is better to remember how great was his career (video, photos)

Martin Fourcade / Photos

Exactly 10 years ago Martin Fourcade won his first victory at the world Cup – won the pursuit race in Kontiolahti. 14 Mar 2020. Same place, same discipline. But this He finished not, young and ambitious, and already experienced and award-winning. The king of biathlon.

He was sprayed with champagne, and after the awards ceremony, staged a championship sendoff. The Frenchman deserved it. His career was amazing.

Et la célébration du staff des Bleus pour Martin Fourcade avec… une chute sans gravité #lequipeBIATHLON

— la chaine L’équipe (@lachainelequipe) March 14, 2020

Martin was born in Sere village in the Pyrenees, in southwest France. He grew up in a sports atmosphere, but before you go for the biathlon, snowboarding and hockey.

Fourcade Sr. said he was uncomfortable to carry sons Martin and Simon hockey and therefore was transferred to the ski. Subsequently, the eldest of the brothers moved to biathlon and Junior reached for him. The father of the men told me that in her childhood they were like cat and dog, but the sport seemed to bring them closer and became friends.

Childhood was the determining factor in Martin’s life, not only in terms of sport. He met his future wife Helen in the age of 13 (she was 14). These relationships helped the Frenchman over his career, but at age 20 he escaped from the base of the French national team and was ready to finish. But the girl decided to go meet him, he moved closer to her lover and let him do the work to which his heart desired.

Fourcade started the international performance in 2006 and the following season won bronze at the Junior world championship, but not in the individual race and the relay. In 2008, the Frenchman joined the world Cup – four penalties and 61st place. But biathlon is not a sport 19-year-old biathletes, so Martin had to say about yourself later.

However, the first victory of the Frenchman was close. The following season he was the finisher of the team of France in östersund. The first place – and stick to celebrate, flew into the air.

It’s only been two months and the Frenchman became the author of loud sensation – silver performances in mass start at the Olympic games in Vancouver. The father and mother came to Canada to support Simon and Martin. The younger son made three mistakes, but even they did not stop to climb a pedestal.

That’s just Simon, it was not easy to accept the fact that my brother, who walked in his footsteps, were always playing catch-up, now proved to be the center of attention. But this was only the beginning of a great convergence Martin.

That season the Frenchman finished in 24th place in the overall standings of the world Cup next year was the fifth, then third, and then dominated the race for the Big Crystal globe for seven seasons in a row.

Fourcade 13 times world champion in biathlon and in 2016 in Oslo was close to win a Grand slam – to collect gold medals in all four individual races, but if the individual race, sprint and pursuit he was subjected to in the mass start Johannes boe bypassed the Frenchman by less than three seconds.

However, it is no secret that the most important thing in the biathlon – the Olympic games. Vancouver was an early, hands-free application. But Sochi has shown, the full power of Martin. In the sprint the victory remained with the Emperor of biathlon OLE Einar Bjoerndalen, but He bounced back on the pursuit, and then with a penalty won and independents. Mass start – silver, photo-finish left the Frenchman in second. And it was just a stupid smile to watch in Pyeongchang in 2018 the situation in the mass start was repeated again and again Fourcade photo-finish, but now his favor is a win. In Korea he won two more gold and seemed to be able to leave at the peak, with three medals on his chest. But I didn’t.

Photos by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

He remained in biathlon and seemed lost. But after the last disastrous season for us for another year returned the same star French. He won two gold medals in Antholz and gave us a struggle for the Big Crystal globe until the last shooting of the season. Though lost it in two points.

It’s a shame only one. The career of the great Frenchman ended in an empty stadium. But the coronavirus is very cruel, it does not bend even under the authority of such persons as the King of biathlon, Martin Fourcade.

PS and he also gave medals of the world Cup fans, has written an autobiography, led a column in L’equipe, spoke out against doping, he does photography, is extremely active in social media (or even dependent on them), writes poetry, has a DNA mutation (one of the secrets of his success), runs a charity and has two daughters.

P. P. S. the sport will not be without Pursuit. He could not deceive the fans in his farewell:

My thirst for competition has not disappeared, but now it would appear otherwise. Passion for sports remains, and I want to stay in this universe. I want to pay tribute to those who helped me a lot during these 20 years in biathlon.


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The submarine March 19, will present the plan for the rest of the season


The submarine March 19, will decide how to complete the 2019/20 season, reports Sky Sports.

Premier League will hold a meeting to develop a plan for the rest of the season. League UEFA is waiting for the meeting to be held on March 17, which will be decided about the fate of European Cup and UEFA Euro 2020.

Clubs of the championship, League 1 and League 2 will meet March 18 to discuss the further continuation of the championship.

Recall, the Premier League have suspended the draw until the beginning of April in connection with the spread of the coronavirus.


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In a bitter struggle Franziska snatched Eckhoff Big crystal globe

Dorothea Wierer / photo – Getty Images

In the Finnish Kontiolahti ended the women’s pursuit race, which is the last race of this season, the biathlon world Cup.

The winner of the race was French Julia Simon (30:43.5), who finished with two penalties and a lead of almost 18 seconds from the nearest rival. The last silver of the season took a representative of the Swiss Selina Gasparin (31:00.8). The three of leaders was closed by the Italian Lisa Vittozzi with a score of 31:04.4.

Ukrainian biathletes were outside the top 20. The best was Anastasia Merkushyna, who finished 24th (32:27.0) having 3 misses in liabilities.

The winner of this season was the Italian Dorothea Wierer, which in this race finished 11th (31:41.3). However, even this result was enough to leave no chance of Tiril Eckhoff for the Big crystal globe.

Prosecution. Women

1. Julia Simon (France) (0+1+1+0) 30:43,5

2. Selina Gasparin (Switzerland) (1+2+1+0) +17,3

3. Lisa Vittozzi (Italy) (1+1+1+1) +20,9

24. Anastasiya Merkushyna (Ukraine) (1+0+1+1) +1:53,5

30. Valya Semerenko (Ukraine) (1+2+3+0) +2:16,4

35. Vita Semerenko (Ukraine) (0+1+2+1) +2:45,8

DNS Julia Jim (Ukraine)

DNS Olena Pidhrushna (Ukraine)

Recall that Johannes boe snatched BHG from Martin Fourcade.


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Gregorin Teja for the second time in a row won the Big crystal globe

Gregorin Teja for the second time in a row won the Big crystal globe
17:48 Telegraph Today sports news:Gregorin Teja at the end of a busy pursuit in Kontiolahti still got the victory in the overall standings of the world Cup 2019/20.

Dorothea Wierer won the world Cup 2020 in biathlon. Three penalties Tiril Eckhoff at the last shooting of pursuit in Kontiolahti brought the trophy of the Italian.

Thus, the Wearer became the owner of the Big crystal globe for the second time in a row.

The best among Ukrainians in the season Olena Pidhrushna took the 25-th place.

Top 10 overall standings of the biathlon world Cup:

Women’s pursuit completed the biathlon season (Photos, Video)

We will remind, today Johannes boe won the biathlon world Cup 2019/20 in the men’s standings. Continue reading “Gregorin Teja for the second time in a row won the Big crystal globe”

‘It’s me’: actor extras Eduardo Zapata puts footage from the film with his “second” part (Photo, Video)

‘It’s me’: actor extras Eduardo Zapata puts footage from the film with his “second” part (Photo, Video) See photo (5)
17:46 Today the Telegraph Photo: Instagram news of show business:Actor Eduardo Zapata (Zapata Eduardo) lives and works in Los Angeles. Does the guy that is looking for talented children for the filming of the movies.

Eduardo Zapata plays in the movie and is even in the actor’s Guild, but to get a decent role for my entire career, Eduardo and failed.

However, he succeeded, playing different people from the crowd. How is that possible? Read below.

Recently on his page in Instagram actor Eduardo Zapata shared a short video about what movies he was in.

View this post in Instagram

It’s about… to go… Continue reading “‘It’s me’: actor extras Eduardo Zapata puts footage from the film with his “second” part (Photo, Video)”

A state of emergency in Spain: the citizens of the ban movement in the country

A state of emergency in Spain: the citizens of the ban movement in the country
17:39 Telegraph Today, the Interfax-Ukraine news of the world:the Inhabitants of Spain because of the coronavirus will be allowed to go out only for work, shopping, and in the case of force majeure.

The Spanish government is preparing to sign the order, greatly limiting movement of citizens on the background of the coronavirus, said on Saturday newspaper El Pais.

Authorities plan to prohibit all movement of citizens of the country is necessary. Among the necessary the government will take trips to work and trips to the store for groceries, medications and Essentials. Also citizens will be allowed to go outside in case of force majeure.

The Council of Ministers, according to the newspaper El Mundo, intends to adopt this regulation on an emergency meeting, which was held in Madrid. Continue reading “A state of emergency in Spain: the citizens of the ban movement in the country”